Fresh Shellfish for Sale in Croydon? Buy and Store Them Properly

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If you are eager to buy and cook your favourite shellfish the same day, make sure you are investing in the freshest and highest quality products. Using a top-notch supplier will ensure you enjoy the freshest tasting seafood. However, if you are purchasing your shellfish to enjoy at a later date, you should have a talk with your chosen supplier about tips to properly store your purchases to ensure they remain fresh.

Shellfish and seafood are synonymous with high chances of bacterial contamination if it is not kept cool or stored properly. Choosing a reputable seafood supplier will ensure you can enjoy fresh seafood know that all safety practices have been adhered to.

Buying Shellfish in Croydon

If you want to ensure that the shellfish you are buying is free of contamination and healthy, make sure that the supplier is reputable. Ensure that the seafood is harvested through classified shellfish beds and purified at the source. It is their responsibility to discuss their traceability if the buyer asks for this information. With a reputed supplier by your side, you can be confident about the source of your mussels and oysters.  A few guidelines you can follow are,

  • If you are buying live oysters, check whether there is a health mark label on the package.
  • The shell of your damp and shiny shellfish should be undamaged.
  • They should smell like the sea as it is an indication that they are fresh and healthy.
  • If they are delivering the shellfish, a clean vehicle should be used.
  • The local fishmonger you are approaching should source them from trusted suppliers on a regular basis.

Fresh Shellfish

Store Mussels Wisely

Unless you keep the mussels alive before preparing your dishes, you can’t really enjoy a completely fresh taste. This is why you should take every step possible to keep them cold and let them breathe. Few more tips you can follow have been stated below,

  • Take them out from the packet and use a mesh bag to store them loose.
  • Look for Fresh Shellfish for Sale in Croydon and use a damp towel or cloth to cover them when storing.
  • Never use sealed containers to store them as it might kill them.
  • Discard ones which don’t close when tapped.

Store Oysters Easily

The easiest way to keep oysters cold and alive before preparation is by storing them without removing the shells. You can also open the shells and store them but keep them away from other food items. Important steps to follow when storing oysters are,

  • The curved shell of every oyster should touch the bottom of the plate on which you are placing them.
  • Never put them in water as it will make them incapable of breathing and they will die.
  • If you are storing them in the fridge, keep the temperature between 1ºC to 4ºC.

Now you can store, prepare and enjoy fresh shellfish it’s time to find a reputable shellfish supplier in Croydon like Prawnbrokers who have a long standing reputation for both residential and commercial customers.

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